Dublin Web Summit 2014 Adores Big Data

Web Summit 2014 is bustling with high-energy start-ups full of passion for their business, all of whom are enthusiastically telling investors, potential partners and anyone that will listen about why they have the next big idea. One area that particularly stood out was the number of start-ups in the Big Data space. Big data has big potential for brands and their communications strategies. At the moment the majority of businesses struggle to understand how they can use this data to tell them more about their customers. Particularly in the online world, although flooded with options many firms gain limited insights and rarely use the relevant measurement tools available to tackle the problem of understanding the impact of marketing on consumers. A company at the Summit that are seeking to tackle this problem for clients are Adoreboard, www.adoreboard.com, a start-up from Queen’s University in Belfast. They have developed a unique software platform that helps marketers to understand how people feel about their brand in the online world drawing data from blogs, social media channels, news outlets and a host of other websites. This has the potential to have a huge impact in how brands can use this type of data to inform marketing strategy – an interesting one to watch.