Sustainability Newsletter

Aonghus Ó Maicín
Client Manager

The FleishmanHillard Sustainability Newsletter: Paving a Green Path for Businesses

Embracing sustainability is no longer a choice. It’s become a necessity for businesses, for individuals, for society. In recent years businesses have begun to recognise that incorporating sustainable practices into their organisations not only exhibits environment responsibility, but it has also become imperative to long-term success and consumer trust. At FleishmanHillard, we understand the significance of sustainability for our clients and are dedicated to helping them navigate this critical journey.

To support our clients in this ever-evolving landscape, we publish a biweekly sustainability newsletter, designed to provide clients with the latest insights, trends, and best practices with regard to sustainability. The newsletter serves as an invaluable resource for businesses that are intent on effectively integrating sustainability into their core operations.

What the FleishmanHillard Sustainability Newsletter Achieves

The newsletter sets out to achieve several key objectives:

  1. Education and Awareness: Clients are informed about many of the latest Irish and European developments in sustainability. The content allows them to remain appropriately informed ahead of making key strategic decisions in this ecosystem.
  2. Best Practices and Case Studies: Innovative strategies and successful initiatives from a variety of industries allow clients to feel empowered about thinking boldly when it comes to implementing their own sustainability practices. The newsletter therefore serves as an idea generator, while also allowing businesses to model successful blueprints elsewhere.
  3. Resource Compilation: The newsletter shines a light on relevant resources that clients can leverage to enhance their own sustainability efforts. This regularly includes online tools, to thought-provoking interviews and visuals available online.

Why are Businesses Embracing Sustainability

As outlined above, sustainability is no longer a choice. It must be a key tenet in the daily processes of any successful business for multiple reasons:

  1. Consumer Demand: The consumers of today are more environmentally conscious than ever. The empirical evidence available to us proves consumers support businesses that show a visible commitment to improving their sustainability practices.
  2. Regulatory Compliance: New environmental regulations are being introduced by governments and regulatory bodies on a continuous basis. Maintaining compliance is a necessary, if not labyrinthine journey, for businesses. But staying on top of these requirements can provide companies with a competitive edge.
  3. Cost Savings: By putting effective sustainability practices in place, companies can reap cost savings through efficient resource use, a reduction in waster and energy initiatives. As a result, the long-term business viability is improved considerably.

All in all, the Sustainability Newsletter has become a much-appreciated tool that provides clients with the knowledge and inspiration they need to become champions of sustainability within their respective industries, leading to benefits that be felt by the communities they serve.

FleishmanHillard is proud to be paving the green path as they navigate these journeys.

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