The Paddy Box and Cadbury Ireland team up for a Sweeter St. Patrick's Day

This year, Ireland’s favorite chocolate brand, Cadbury, joined together with another of our clients, The Paddy Box, to celebrate our national holiday.

As one of the most iconic Irish brands, Cadbury were eager to mark St. Patrick’s Day and in addition to a host of other activity – including Dublin Airport arrival hall takeovers and in-store activity – we created a special limited-edition ‘Cadbury Paddy Box’.

Filled with the nation’s favourite goodies, all produced in Ireland, the Cadbury Paddy Box featured all of the Cadbury Dairy Milk 8-square range, including Cadbury Dairy Milk, Golden Crisp, Mint Crisp, Wholenut and Turkish.

Launched the week before St. Patrick’s Day to ensure people could order for friends and family in advance, the limited-edition Cadbury Paddy Box was free to order, with customers paying only €20 for delivery anywhere in the world. The Paddy Box is all about giving those Irish abroad a taste of home. Bringing these two clients together, we helped to drive awareness of both brands. The campaign delivered strong traditional and social media coverage that resulted in the limited-edition Cadbury Paddy Box becoming sold out within the first day of sales.


BY: Lydia McDermott