Fitbit - Social For EMEA


The Ask:

FH Dublin manages the social media channels for Fitbit across EMEA – 11 countries, 21 channels. Our task was to create content and copy for each channel in such a way that it reflects what health and fitness means the local country, but that look and feel remains at all times in sync with the brand guidelines and Fitbit’s aesthetic and tone.

The Response:

Fleishman Hillard’s social and design teams work to create a central content calendar every month, focusing on topical themes for the business and help and advice to live a more healthy and fit lifestyle. By combining global assets with bespoke visual content created specifically for EMEA, we empower the our networked teams in each country to localise the messaging in such a way that it rings true to their own audiences. We also work with fellow FH teams across the region to localise copy at a deeper level than simple translation, working to account for attitudes towards food, exercise and general wellbeing in each location.

The Results:

Our work with Fitbit has driven growth across all channels in all markets, allowing for fans all across EMEA to connect on a deeper level with the brand.