Cadbury work with Aware to recruit 200 volunteers

Some of the most rewarding aspects of our client work with Cadbury Ireland are the opportunities we have to work on their fantastic charity partnerships. None more so than the regular fundraising initiatives and awareness drives organised by Cadbury for mental health charity Aware.

Looking after our mental health is always essential, but it has become far more prevalent in recent weeks, as we find ourselves in uncertain and unprecedented times – which is inevitably taking its toll in vast numbers and varying ways.

Being there for each other, in the midst of a national and international crisis, has become so important. The people of Ireland have come out in force to support each other since the beginning of this pandemic and in true Cadbury spirit, they have done just that.

The team at Cadbury Ireland didn’t hesitate to pool all resources in recent weeks to assist Aware in developing and supporting a campaign to recruit additional volunteers, in response to the increased demand for Aware services caused by Covid-19.

The charity recently launched an appeal in conjunction with Cadbury Ireland to recruit 200 additional volunteers to work on their Support Line and Life Skills Online programmes – something the FH team has been delighted to help with.

According to Aware’s Director of Services, Brid O’Meara, “a lot of people are having difficulty with their mental health right now.”

“We are hearing from people who can normally manage their mental health very well but are struggling at this time.”

Aware has also seen an increase in the number of people contacting them, who have never experienced anxiety or low mood before, who now need their support.

“The current crisis has resulted in significant changes to our ways of living and our daily routines, with job losses, changes in work practices, health concerns, isolation, and an inability to visit our elderly and sick in nursing homes and hospitals. Some have been bereaved by the virus. Many worry about the overall uncertainty that stems from this pandemic. These factors are taking their toll on people across the country and we need to ensure that we can continue to provide support for those reaching out to us. We are also making this appeal in anticipation of the longer-term impacts of the pandemic on the mental health of people across Ireland,” added Brid O’Meara.

Cadbury is supporting Aware’s recruitment drive by utilising a number of channels to help drive awareness that help is available for those who need it and to encourage people to volunteer as support staff. This is being done through a partnership with, radio ads and a social media campaign designed to reach large audiences.

Aware is looking for volunteers who are are empathetic, compassionate and have good communication skills. For those who are unable to volunteer, support in the form of a donation will also help Aware to continue to provide their vital services. All volunteers, who must be 25 and older, will receive full training and ongoing support.

If you would like to volunteer for Aware to support their services, go to for further information. Aware provides support services, free of charge, to individuals managing their own experience of depression or bipolar disorder, as well as to people who are concerned about a loved one. Freephone Aware’s support line on 1800 80 48 48 or email [email protected].

By: Neal Cummins 

Director and Head Sport

[email protected]